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World of Seafood

We pride ourselves on our passion and expertise to bring you the highest quality seafood from around the world. We’re confident you will taste the difference.

Cooke Seafood product range


Smoked Salmon

Our Smoked Salmon starts with quality salmon from cool North Atlantic waters. The salmon fillets are naturally dry-cured in a custom mix that we’ve spent years perfecting. The cured fillets are then lightly smoked with hardwood chips to deliver a delicate taste and velvety texture.


Sockeye Salmon

From the cool waters of Alaska, our responsibly sourced Sockeye Salmon retains its firm, flaky texture and vibrant colour throughout cooking. Sockeye Salmon is a good source of Omega-3 and adds visual appeal to any dish.


Sea Scallops

Naturally sweet and buttery, our Sea Scallops deliver restaurant indulgence in the comfort of your home. These mouth-watering delights from North Atlantic waters are perfect for use in a wide range of dishes.


Scallop Medallions

Sweet and tender Scallop Medallions crafted by combining high quality Patagonian scallops to create large, enticing medallions. Perfectly served as an entrée or main, our Scallop Medallions are sure to impress.